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Take, Sakura-shi

Take, Sakura-shi
Photograph of cycad

(March 16, 2018 update)

We take and get up. Sakura-shi 2017 "cycad"

 [photographer] Flower of cycad opened in Tomita's house [comment] this year of the neighbor in Nagashima, Oshiage, Sakura-shi [the shooting day when and where] May, 2017. Winter management is great. [publication day] March 16, 2018 2017 (29, Heisei...

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The number of population, the households※As of March 1, 2018

The number of the households: 16,036 households (anti-+10 household compared with the month before)

Population: 44,901 whole (anti--7 people compared with the month before), man 23,335 (anti--14 people compared with the month before), woman 21,566 (anti-+7 people compared with the month before)

*This "every month population prediction" is based on national census (as of October 1, 2015) in 2015.
We modify the monthly birth, death, transference based on the Basic Resident Registration Act, the number of the reports of transference in this and calculate.